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Northern Aquatics is Lethbridge’s only water maintenance company focused on year-round care for residential pools and spas. Our certified maintenance company provides quick, reliable service and expert advice for all your residential aquatic needs.

Affordable stress-free water care for every home.

Going on Vacation? We have you covered!

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We take the hassle out of maintenance and let you relax and enjoy your hot tub, spa or pool.

Northern Aquatics is Lethbridge’s only water maintenance company providing year-round care and quality products for residential pools, hot tubs and spas. Call us for reliable, professional service and expert advice for all your residential aquatic needs:

  • stress-free monthly maintenance packages for busy people
  • vacation maintenance and inspections while you’re away from home
  • high-quality care products to keep your water in optimum condition
  • advice about purchase and maintenance of a new spas, pool, hot tubs, lap or endless pool systems
  • custom in-ground designs and installation for uniquely shaped pools or in-ground hot tubs

Water Care and Maintenance

For optimum pool or hot tub enjoyment, it’s recommended that you test and manage your water at least twice a week – three-times a week if you’re a frequent user. Maintenance is specialized and can take hours off your enjoyment and recreation time.

If you want the fun of a pool or hot tub, but not the hassle, call us. We’re provincially certified pool operators by the AARFP, and have the experience to maintain your pool,  and hot tub throughout the summer and winter. We understand Southern Alberta’s unique climate challenges and can keep your aquatic systems running without a hitch.

Since we use only the highest quality water care products, there’s no worry about having a healthy water environment for your family. Check out our affordable package pricing by clicking on a link below.


Our Premium Water Care Products

Sanitizers, oxidizers, balancers…keeping your pool or hot tub maintained with the right balance of chemicals and water care products can be overwhelming. A little too much of this and you have itchy skin. Not enough of that, and your water looks or smells funky.

Want us to do it for you?

If you just want to take that cover off and dive in – with no fuss and no stress – call us to maintain your pool, hot tub or spa for you. We’ll keep your pool free of debris, running smoothly, with water that’s as safe, healthy and clear as possible for your ultimate enjoyment.

We use only the highest-quality of water care products. They’re easy on the skin and eyes and we think they’re the best available on the market. Northern Aquatics offers exceptional value, so you get professional-grade care products for an affordable price.

Want to do your own maintenance?

Many long-time pool and hot tub owners have a good handle on maintenance, and just want top-of-the-line products. Order online here and we’ll deliver everything you need right to your door.

Custom In-Ground Solutions

Imagine having a pool in your backyard to share with family and friends during the hot summer months. Or, maybe you want a built-in hot tub outside to take the chill off a winter nights. Have a small backyard? A plunge pool, hot tub, or water feature can be the perfect solution for those smaller spaces.

Whatever your dream is, we can make it a reality, let us put our previous experience to work for you. We can build whatever you have in mind, and in the shapes and sizes you probably haven’t thought of.

Call us today for a quote. We’d be happy to share our ideas about ways to take your recreation to the next level and add a valuable (and fun) asset to your home.

Expert Spa and Pool Advice

We love to share our expertise! Northern Aquatics has years of experience in the pool building and maintenance business. We can give you our advice about the best kind of custom build, or if you already have a pool or spa installed, we can give you our recommendation for proper maintenance and/or suggest the type of chemicals you might need.

As an independent company, not tied to one pool or hot tub brand or retailer, you get our unbiased advice, and can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best recommendations for pool and spa care around.

The Fine Print

*Minimum visits during a monthly package contract is 2 visits per week, but 3 visits will be scheduled if necessary. We’ll give your equipment a general review as part of our service, and if anything needs to be done, we can give you a quote to perform service or repair jobs and order the parts you need. Repair costs and parts (when needed) are additional to the monthly package rate, but a discount will be applied for monthly customers. Monthly packages require a minimum one-season commitment: either yearly, or for just the summer or winter seasons.